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Japanese Stab Binding

The third bookbinding class I took at Home Ec was Japanese stab binding.  This was the only binding that I had never done before and it was my favorite.  I tend to want to pull my stitching tightly, which worked out really well for this type of binding.

To make the holes for the stitching, we [...]

Making stuff

I’ve taken a few classes at Home Ec in the past few weeks.  I took two bookbinding classes, case binding and coptic sewn binding.  I took a bookbinding class while I was in graduate school, not because I was interested in archives or preservation, but because I needed some creative outlet and I’ve always loved [...]

First night of bookbinding class

I’m taking a two-day class on making a book at Home Ec. Tomorrow we do a completed book; this one is a practice book that is partly unfinished to serve as a pattern for future bookmaking endeavors.