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Goodbye Toast

She was a sweet kitty, always wanting to be close even though she didn’t like to be petted or touched. I will miss her.

At least someone has been trained well

This is Cheddar’s newest favorite place to sleep, under the covers of the bed. Of course, he can’t get under there by himself so he sits on the bed pawing at the cover and meowing until someone (okay, it’s always me) comes and lifts the cover so he can scoot underneath and sleep.


I’m convinced Cheddar sleeps like this in the morning to taunt me as I’m on my way out the door to work.

Kitty update

The kitties have been more snuggly than usual the past couple of weeks, and this is the closest I’ve seen them.

Out and About: Cats in downtown LA

I first noticed these graffiti cats cropping up along the 110 freeway.  I couldn’t get a good photo, since driving and taking pictures at the same time is an activity that other drivers frown on, but LA Eastside blog posted some.

Today, as Rick and I were walking around the neighborhood, we saw these new additions [...]

Keeping up with the kitties.

Toast comes out of hiding now and then.

Cheddar is helping.


Toast spends most of her time under the bed, unless she thinks food is about to appear.
(Here you go, Dad.)

Where’s my chicken pot pie?

Cheddar has decided the couch is his territory, along with the bed, the kitchen and most of the floor.
I know that you were all concerned about the lack of cat pictures on this blog.  You are welcome.