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Out and About: Chimu & Disney Hall

There’s always a lot going on in LA, but sometimes a body needs to have a lazy day at home. Saturday started out that way, and I went down to the market to find a late lunch. I’d read about a new place in the market and was excited to try it out. Living above Grand Central Market has its advantages, but during the week we are rarely home from work early enough to do any shopping before it closes.


Chimu occupies a space that has been empty ever since I have lived down here, on the patio area facing Hill St. I’ve never had Peruvian food before, and the guy recommended lomo saltado – large chunks of perfectly cooked beef, tomatoes and onions over crispy fries. I also ordered chancho con trigo served with stewed barley and peas. To drink, I had chicha morada, a drink made from purple corn. It is sweet and grainy at the same time, and a lovely shade of dark purple. Everything was delicious and I can’t wait to try more from the menu; I’m thinking of going again today.


After lunch, we felt a bit more energetic, and decided to check out the Red Bull Soapbox Races on the way to the bank. We had waited too long – all the excitement was done for the day other than a dude doing motorcycle tricks and lots of people walking around.

As we walked past Disney Hall, we remembered the public garden that Huell Howser described in his show on hidden suprises of downtown LA and decided to check it out for ourselves. It is much larger than I had anticipated.

Disney Hall, May 21, 2011

Although there were many people in the street, the garden was almost deserted. There are places to sit, hidden nooks with interesting views of the building, a rose-shaped sculpture made of broken pottery, and an outdoor ampitheater.

I also didn’t know that there are stairs and other mini-ampitheaters tucked into the metal folds of the building, with interesting views of the city. There were at least two wedding parties taking photographs, and we saw the Angry Birds soapbox racer in the parking lot across the street.

See more photos on my flickr page.

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  1. heini says:

    Looks yummy. I cannot wait to go to the market with you in December. You’ll see how enthusiastic S and D are in places like that or somewhere else near your home. They are suddenly very loud — “look D look!” etc.

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